About us

In Železárny Štěpánov, we produce castings of gray and nodular cast iron. We are a family-owned business which is currently managed by the great-grandson of the company´s founder. We believe in continuous improvement of the production process while paying attention to thorough inspections of each casting.

We believe in the synergy of precision manufacture and consistent inspection.

We do not rely on chance, our production process is perfected to the tiniest detail. As the quality of each product matters, we care about both careful workmanship and control of the production process. We take pride in our control system, as we have passed many challenging customer and ISO audits.

Our company is the place where tradition meets innovation.

In Železárny Štěpánov, we invest regularly into the company´s technological and machinery equipment. As a result, we offer a complex array of services in the spheres of casting production and metal surface finish to our established and new customers. Everything is performed at a high professionalism and with consistent control over the entire process of production.

Major milestones in the liftime of our foundry

Since 1993 we have invested more than 20 mil. Euro into technology and the company´s development. Thanks to that we rank among the best in the trade. And if you care to learn more, here is our history in brief. We know for sure there is poetry in iron.

1500 – 1995

  • 1593 – first early mentions of an iron-mill in Štěpánov
  • 1700 – start using a blast furnace
  • 1910 – stoves and castings for wagon works are produced and the foundry employs  300 workers
  • 1913 – the foundry is appointed the king and emperor´s official purveyor
  • 31.7.1939 – the enterprise acquired by Jan Matoušek, who establishes Železárny Štěpánov and launches the production of stoves under his own brand MAJÁK (BEACON), the stoves are later exported to the whole of Europe
  • 1948 – the foundry is nationalized
  • 1.7.1993 – the enterprise returned to the family of Jan Matoušek
  • 1994 – Železárny Štěpánov stage an exibition of their products at
    Brno Trade Fair
  • 1995 – the ironworks supply package assemblies as well as complete stoves, end shields and  rope pulleys

1996 – today

  • 1996 – major investment into the company´s technological equipment: implementation of hand-made moulding in self-solidifying furan mixtures
  • 1996 – an exceptional year for international trade: the ironworks enter the German market
  • 1999 – stable production programme for Siemens, implementation of the ISO 9001 system
  • 2000 – the foundry fully goes over to self-solidifying furan mixtures, production volume increased substantially
  • 2000 – first-time participation in the world´s greatest engineering trade fare in Hannover
  • 2003 – the first rotary gas furnace acquired
  • 2005 – nodular cast iron production launched
  • 2006 – machine-made moulding abandoned, the foundry fully concentrates on hand moulding
  • 2013 – aluminium alloys production launched
  • 2015 – major investment into CNC machines and operation of our own machining shop launched
  • 2017 – Siemens MD “Best Supplier Award 2016” nominee in the category “Quality”
  • 2020 – Bureau Veritas certification – production for the offshore and marine industry
  • 2020 – DNV certification – production for the offshore and marine industry
  • 2021-2024 – major investment in greening the production process – dust extraction from internal spaces, new eight-ton gas rotary furnace, new shot-blasting machine, new shakeout grid table and more
  • 2024 – suspension of smelting in cupola furnaces and transition to gas rotary furnaces of 5 t and 8 t