Production capabilities

  • Piece and small-lot production of castings up to 3.500kg

Cast materials

  • Cast Iron with lamellar graphite
    (grey cast iron)
    (EN-GJL-150, EN-GJL-200, EN-GJL-250)
  • Cast Iron with nodular graphite
    (spheroidal graphite cast iron)
    (EN-GJS-400, EN-GJS-500, EN-GJS-600)
  • Aluminium
    (ENAC-AlSi10Mg, ENAC-AlSi8Cu3)

Manufacturing facilities

  • Cupola Furnances
  • Rotary gas furnance
  • Cold resin moulding plant with sand recycling process
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Crucible furnace

Quality control

  • Chemical composition spectrographic analysis
  • Metallographic analysis
  • Tensile test strength measurment
  • Regular inspection of dimensions for accuracy
  • 100% surface quality control